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Murickens group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company introduces two registered brand names MG and FLYLINE which market maintenance free, cost effective and power saving products by promoting solar based home appliances and lights with the help of high quality power generating solar panels. We play a precious role in Kerala real estate field to the extend of the ultimate satisfaction of the public.


Its a device which maintains a temperature below freezing point of water is called freezer. We, the Murickens group are the first manufacturers of freezers in India with low power consumption. It is made in the brand name of MG Deep Freezer. It takes only one fifth of power as compared to other branded freezers available in the market. In karala market, we are manufacturing and providing service support, which is of high standard and the freezers are passed thru stringent quality tests and suitable for Indian environment. For different types of food items, it has different temperature settings. The food items which can be kept in are meat, ice creams, bottled soft drinks, and milk boiled items and fresh fruit juices too. Its maintenance free system is based on American technology. It is light in weight and its fully automatic. It uses copper capillaries which gives guaranteed uniform cooling on all sides of the freezer. It is available in different sizes like single door, double door, ripple door or four doors. Its outer body is made up of galvanized steel sheet. Its compact in size and comes in different attractive colors. It has adjustable thermostat which ranges from -30 to -20 which can be adjusted manually or it can also adjust in digital mode as per our needs. It also has provision for inner partition. Its specially designed so that it can withstand longer hours of operation during power failures. With American technology and special design of the containers, it has longer compressor life and uniform performance for years to come.

* Low power consumption (1 to 2.5 units per day). * The main advantage is choice of door for water/milk cooler or freezer in single freezer ( 3-in-one ). * Maintenance free system based on American technology. * PUF System. * Light weight. * Fully automatic. * Uniform cooling guaranteed by using copper capillaries. * ISO: 9001 -2008 Certified product. * Fast freezing. * Special design retains cooling for a longer period during power failures. * Special design and technology ensures longer compressor life and uniform performance throughout the lifespan. * Separate containers. * Single, ouble, triple door or four door. * Galvanized steel sheet outer body.* Top cover and door Pure steel. * Special model can reach up to minus 40oC. * Body condensing and no extra condenser unit/condenser cooling fan. * Compact in size and attractive color. * Wheel mounted if needed. * Power and cut off indicator. * Adjustable thermostat (range -30 to -20) or digital meter. * Provision for inner partition.* Special model for sharja shake business


Model 100 Liters 150 Liters 200 Liters 300 Liters 400 Liters 500 Liters
Input Watts 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v 200v/240v
compressor w 113/125w 113/125w 113/125w 159/193w 320/335w 320/335w
Door Single Double Double Triple Four Door Four Door
Length 62cm 102cm 116cm 152cm 185cm 190cm
Width 54cm 56cm 56cm 56cm 61m 63.5cm
Height 90cm 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm 80cm
Power in Recommended Condition 1 to 1 ¼ unit/day 1 to 1 ½
1 ½ to 2 
2 to 3 
3 to 4 
4 to 5 
stabilizer 500 va 500 va 500 va 1 kva 1 kva 2 kva
cooling coil pure copper
Above body dimensions will change in combined freezer


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